A multidisciplinary artist who is 3% Irish drops art that are meant to elevate human beings. 

Inspired by, in his own words; "Everything", he tends to create art that comes with a certain message on different subjects as calmness in a stressfull modern world.

1984 actually sucked at drawing and his first big artistic skill was poetry. He made a poem in 2nd grade. That poem was so good his teacher hung it up for the entire school to see. 

His first step into the would of art happenned when his friend got issues with a logo designer. He tried helping her out and the rest is history.

1984 first took it to the NFT scene early 2021 around the time BAYC and Veefriends launched their projects.

1984´s different styles and collections were there at the very beginning of WEB3 and the NFT era. .

1984 is Denmark´s first NFT artist, but definitely not the last as he is onboarding more artists to join the WEB3 space.



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