Legendary artist Sir Luis Ricardo drop

How long have you been making art?

I have been making art since I was 14 or 15. I did drawings on the school table and in my notebooks. First I wanted to draw caricatures because my favorite Mexican artists, like José Hernández, draw political cartoons. I have always felt closer to newspapers than to art galleries. I did not know then but I am anxious, and somehow drawing helps me pay attention. So, I draw while I do many other things, watch football, listen to a podcast, or a Ted Talk. The other teachers are pretty used to the fact that I draw in our meetings. Sometimes I even brought color pencils and markers, which was probably going too far.

What inspires you in your creative process?

Artists take inspiration from the world around us. Most of our world is the internet, so that counts too. We subsume, digest what reminds us of life, what we find beautiful; then we transform all of that into something else. So, we have the enjoyment, the aesthetics. And then we have the work, the transformation of all of the reflection of the world into something new. And such artwork has some technique involved. The Greek equivalent to art is techné. I learned about this from Dr. Enrique Dussel on YouTube, while drawing, of course.

Survival of the greenest

This is a piece made by 1984. Holders only will be able to mint a 3d animated version of this later.

Is it about growing humans like greens or greens like humans?

Perhaps it is about the idea of cloning and GMO?

Maybe it is about closing oneself from the outside world and taking time of from everything else but the greens and thereby slowly rebuilding oneself? Meditation. Philosophizing. Praying. Wondering. Improving.

Like every thing in nature, everything has the path that leads to perfection.

A tree is perfect once it reaches its growing stages and finally gives fruit. In order to reach that level of perfection it needs sunlight, water, soil and more. Perhaps positive thoughts and positive words?

But often people forget that it also needs of getting rid of weeds, bugs that would it the tree and other stuff that would stop it from growing.

We human beings are exactly on the same path. In order to reach perfection and growth, we need love, we need wisdom, we need different good things to do and to nurture our body and souls.

But too often. We forget we also need to get rid of the mices and rats that would eat our stacked developements.

How is this done? By getting rid of a single bad vice and moral at a time. One by one we get rid of these vices and slowly build ourselves until we finally can give fruit.

What is the fruit we can give to others?

I will tell you in the next piece.

Much love 1984