Minting 1st January 2023. 
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1984 is bringing another project to the Ethereum blockchain. This is a piece inspired by true life events and had a lot of thoughts on childhood and the journey from childhood into adolescent.

Minting 2nd January 2023.



At a point in life, humans mold from being a child, playful, with no worries, easygoing, quickforgiving, curious, fearless and happy to a teen where certain hard facts and hard realities wakes them up.

There is the reality of becoming metaphysical, the reality of sorrow, sadness, depression, hurting, all the vices, and the cruel world that gives one this realitycheck.

However for some of the kids, this happens in their childhood and ruins their innocence and playfullness forever.

Becoming an adolescent before reaching puberty, is perhaps one of the most horrendous crimes, mankind has brought upon mankind. Either through war, through politics, through the media or even through school.

"We need a world, where the kids can be kids until they reach puberty. Taking their childhood and innocence away from them even a day before, has so many psychological sideeffects which will be a burden all through out their lifes. We need to fight those forces. We can do it through art."


Minting 2nd January 2023


Will be the latest art drop from 1984 on the ethereum blockchain. Follow 1984 on twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.