Get ready for the first comic book release from Bags

Cessation, Adolescent, OI and Bags guaranteed mint

5 different rarities

Legendary: 10 

Ultra Rare: 100 

Rare: 1000

Uncommon: 3000

Common: 5895




In early 2k 1984 submitted his work to a competition where the winners could get grant and publish their story. He didnt win, Not because his story wasnt good, but because they simply couldnt publish that kind of stories.

Instead they invited him amongst a couple of thousand people to read up from his story.

Ever since, he allways wanted to have his own comic. Built it up like he wants to, breaking rules and enjoying creating a story and a universe he not only can reflect himself and his family in, but also share it with the world.

Bags is the name! 

We arent allowed to release info about the genre, storyline or characters yet. Acknowledging it will be impossible to satisfy each and every one, there will still be a few surprises.

The first Alpha is that he wants real artists work to be showcased in the story and in the comics!

In his own words: 
"Bags isnt just about a story, its about using web3 and nfts in comic books. So you can see a wall deco by artist x, a sculpture by artist y and so forth."

Will be dropped on the Ethereum blockchain Q1 2023

Story Info


“The first season is set at greater CPH. There might be a few flashbacks that could take us elsewhere but it is primarily set at the beforementioned location”


"... I foresee dark shadows..."


“Allthough there will be flashbacks to certain historic moments most of the storyline will take place in our day of age. What the future brings is however yet uncertain.


"It is hard to stop to goats from fighting eachother..."


“Some not so likeable as others, yet they all do complete eachother very thoroughly. This isnt something for kids and the adults are very cunning, cold and at time empathyless.”


"When he was young he had an altercation with some chemicals."